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Here's What You Need to Know!
Rules/Dress Code


How Should Your Child Dress at Camp?

GIRLS - Loose fitting, knee-length, athletic wear or culottes for recreation, no sun dresses, no sleeveless shirts, no tank tops, and no tight-fitting shirts; NO PANTS; knee-length skirt or dress are appropriate for evening services. A modest one-piece bathing suit, along with a dark t-shirt and loose fitting, knee-length, athletic wear, or culottes are required for the pool and waterslide.

BOYS - Long athletic pants and t-shirt for recreation; long athletic shorts may be worn on athletic fields; no tank tops. Long pants and a collared shirt are appropriate for evening services. Knee-length swim trunks and dark t-shirt are required for the pool and lake.


What should my child bring to camp?

They should be sure to bring their Bible, a notebook and pen; a pillow and sleeping bag/bedroll; towels and washcloths; soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other toiletries; a flashlight; spending money; several changes of clothes; a swimsuit, a beach towel; and an extra pair of tennis shoes.


Are there things they should not bring with them?

They should leave at home any type of electronic devices - including cell phones, beepers, CD, DVD, MP3, or other music/media players, computers, PDAs, radios, TVs, laser pointers, and video games; clothing with inappropriate graphics or lettering; magazines; knives, fireworks, or weapons of any kind.


What else should you know?

Christian Conduct

Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp maintains high standards of conduct and personal separation. Any camper refusing to abide by the rules is subject to dismissal.

Group Sponsors, Leaders and Helpers from each group are encouraged to be involved with their young people as well as to counsel them during the invitations. Sponsors will stay with their young people. No children below camp age will be permitted.


Health and Safety

Three nutritious meals are served each day and prepared by certified camp staff cooks. Campers who have or develop contagious conditions or communicable diseases cannot be allowed to remain at camp. All counselors and staff are CPR and First-Aid trained. All medications must be submitted to the First-Aid station along with written instructions at registration. Any campers on a special diet must bring their own supplements if necessary.


Telephone Usage

Campers will not have access to make or receive calls, except in case of an emergency.


Camp Program

An exciting and fun filled program has been planned for every day. Campers will memorize God's Word and hear convicting Bible preaching. Campers will also be involved in activities where they can learn a skill or explore an interest they may have.