A Treasured Heritage


Throughout the Great Southwest, stories of what God has done in the hearts of His people during just one week of camp have been passed down with grateful hearts. God has truly blessed the ministry of Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp. It is a camp with a treasured heritage and a bright future. 

The initial funds that led to the building of this camp were derived from the sale of a house that was donated by Mrs. Pearl Russell. Pastor Loys Vess, Pastor Lester Singleton, and Pastor Wayne Imboden received the deed and used the funds to start the Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp in 1953.

From its miraculous beginnings, Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp has seen thousands of young people pass through its gates and continues to see God's work accomplished as it operates in the Heart of the American Southwest.

A Bright Future

In the fall of 2009, the Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee assumed ownership of the property under the direction of Pastor Clarence Sexton. 

For nearly 70 years it has continued to serve the American Southwest by preaching the gospel and reaching young people for the glory of the Lord.

We are excited to see the camp ministry continue to move forward. Please pray for and be involved in this great work as we advance for the cause of Christ.