Take the High Road

"Taking the high road is not choosing between the good and the bad, but choosing between the good and the best

and always choosing the best. The best is the unending pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ."

-Pastor Clarence Sexton

"Rise Up & Build"

     Serving the American Southwest since the summer of 1953, Lake Texoma has seen tens of thousands of people come through it's gates and has made an everlasting difference iin their lives. However, our work does not end when we take our last breath; it continues into eternity with all those who have been reach with the gospel of Christ through the ministry that goes on here.

     With almost 70 years of Christian ministry behind us, it is our desire to keep this work advancing for the next 70 years or until the Lord returns. We believe that the best days are still ahead of us and that there truly has never been a greater time to serve the Lord than right now.

     With this in mind, there are many things we would like to see accomplished to advance the work here. This undertaking is not something that will be easily accomplished, but God's work has never been something for the faithless to accomplish. He has used anyone who willingly puts their faith in Him by empowering them to accomplish His work. In Nehemiah, God 'Equipped the Called' to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and He did it in such a way that "...they percieved that this work was wrought of our God." (Neh. 6:16)

     Our desire at Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp is to accomplish God's work so that people percieve God's hand in it all. Just as Nehemiah faced down the enormous goal of re-building the walls of Jerusalem, we are facing down enromous goals at Lake Texoma. We believe that God deserves the best that we can give Him and we are seeking to make major improvements at the camp by updating and improving our property and facilities for the glory of God and the furtherance of His work in The Great Southwest.

Just as Nehemiah said, "I am doing a great work...", the work at Lake Texoma Baptist Youth Camp is a great work and we want to "rise up and build" for the glory of God. Will you pray and ask God to use you to be apart of his work as it advances in the American Southwest!


Serving Christ, 

James Aiello